If you are interested or do you have questions, please let us know. Send us an email or give us a call! Contact Miranda Schoep (programme coordinator) telephone number (+31) (0) 43 388 3936 or via m.schoep@maastrichtuniversity.nl


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    Coordinators & Lecturers

    Each subject in the programme is taught by a team of (international) (guest) lecturers, led by a course coordinator. This team consists of academic professors as well as more practical oriented lecturers with experiences in the business. All academic lecturers have a strong affinity with the practical side of their field and many years of iEMFC teaching experience. The course coordinator and his/her team bear ultimate responsibility for the subjects in the course and assess whether the student meets the qualifications for the course.

    An overview of the courses and the course coordinators and lecturers is provided in the brochure. More information about the students can be found in the brochure as well.

    Harold Hassink EMFC

    Prof. Dr. Harold Hassink RA – iEMFC Program Director

    Our students

    Our current cohorts include finance professionals from all kinds of companies from all over the world. A list of the leading companies represented by our students, can be found in the brochure.
    Many of our alumni currently fulfil leadership roles as CFOs, finance directors and business controllers at leading companies around the globe.

    During every seminar we invite so-called expert speakers and preferably our own alumni, to discuss an interesting topic and to share valuable career advices and stories with our students.

    Admission and enrolment requirements

    The iEMFC programme is for young and more experienced professionals with a master’s-level background in finance, accounting or information management. You should have at least a master’s degree in business administration. However, some candidates without a master’s degree may still be conditionally admitted with additional individual instruction and training required before enrolment. You can contact the programme management for a tailored recommendation regarding additional education.

    Admission of other students

    Candidates with an other education background can be admitted under certain conditions. There is an admission process for these candidates and there are only limited places available per year. If you have a different prior education background, please contact the programme management.