RA -> RC

Chartered accountants or RAs welcome as well!
There are special facilities for RAs and those nearing completion of their theoretical programme. Due to a few exemptions, they can complete the programme in a shorter period of time. RA students of Chartered accountants can enroll in the programme and are exempted from the courses International Financial Accounting and Accounting Information Systems. In addition, RAs receive PE points for the courses in the programme.
If desired, RAs can also take 5 years to complete the program. They then follow a few courses per year. This may enable compliance with the new style PE obligation. If desired, billing will be done separately per year, depending on the number of courses. A personal tailor-made programme could be discussed. The RA can then complete the RC training within a number of years with the employer’s PE budget.

RA tuition fee

The total iEMFC tuition fee for RA-students is € 17,500 excluding additional costs (scholarship possibilities).

Permanent Education

There are various activities in the field of permanent education, as there is the Finance and Control Campus and the iEMFC programme parts of “Doing Business in…”, scheduled during the seminars abroad. Especially international alumni can attend these sessions and meet the PE requirements. The iEMFC programme therefore meets the current and future training needs of financial professionals and also provides a strong network.

The website of the VRC is used to communicate about permanent education activities of the association and developments within the association.