iEMFC Graduation Workshop 9 March 2022

iEMFC March 2022 seminar

We are glad that we decided to organize the March 2022 seminar at EADA Business School in Barcelona and today, Friday 25 March, is our final class day. To give you an inside view:

  • The focus was on Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Strategic Leadership & Change Management, and Controllership & the Role of the CFO.
  • Two very interesting and interactive days of Leadership at the EADA Training Center just outside of Barcelona complement these courses, and add further value to the program as well as to the student individually.
  • We have seen a nice cocktail of lectures on theory, group assignments and peer-to-peer discussions, which brought us happy and satisfied students altogether!
  • During the joint dinners in nice Spanish restaurants, we heard some interesting and personal keynote speeches by students, containing a clear message or bringing good food for thought; precious moments that won’t be forgotten easily!
  • We invited two expert speakers during this seminar: Prof. Borja Castresana shared an interesting marketing topic with us on an outstanding brand experience, the case Provonias. Prof. Joan Miquel Pique discussed the current topic of ‘Geopolitics/Geostrategy 2022; Context and Impact for Business’.
  • A nice tapas cooking workshop was one of the social activities; an excellent way to get to know each other a little bit better. This is important, especially for the new students!