iEMFC July 2022 seminar

iEMFC July 2022 seminar

Company visits and Duck tour

On Sunday 10 July, our iEMFC July 2022 seminar started at Suffolk University in Boston, USA. We’re so happy to be back after 4 years and now with even more students than ever.

Our seminars contain not only courses and lectures, but also company visits. This time, we were guests of Philips Healthcare in Cambridge. Thanks to our hosts, Ling Liu and Puru Pawar, both highly esteemed iEMFC alumni of cohort 2004 and 2014. Presentations on Supply Chain Challenges during the pandemic, by Elizabeth Baker, Head of Integrated Supply Chain and an Executive Briefing by Dan Leonard including a visit to the Customer Experience Center, made it a very interesting visit.

On behalf of the all the students, thank you for the warm hospitality.

From there we went to Harvard Business School. As a student, you just have to go to HBS once in your life, right? We had an extensive lunch at the Spangler Dining Hall, joined an information session and a guide showed us the most important (dorm) buildings, library and the chapel. Good to be there!

At 17.00 h we were welcomed on board by a legendary ConDUCKtor, for a Duck tour of Boston. He told us all about Boston history, and shared little-known facts and interesting insights into the heritage of the city as we discovered the unique neighborhoods and took a splash into the Charles River. Nice to see the city from the land and water on a non-stop journey of 80 minutes. A good start to further explore Boston during our stay here!

Doing Business in the USA

During the course Controllership & the Role of the CFO, with a special focus on Doing Business in the USA, we welcomed 2 alumni and 4 students who missed the Boston experience. Details of the interesting Suffolk University lectures were as follows:

  • Driving Organizational Change including simulation by Tammy MacLean;
  • The Conflict and Negotiation Process by Regina O’Neill;
  • An overview of the Four Major Decisions in International Marketing by Cristian Chelariu;
  • Globalization: Definition, recent Trends and Implications for Organizations, by Russell Seidle;
  • The Characteristics of the US Financial System by Abu Jalal.