iEMFC March 2022 seminar

iEMFC Graduation Workshop 9 March 2022

On our list of special and happy moments is the iEMFC Graduation Workshop, the thesis defense session, having taken place on Wednesday 9 March. The first time since the beginning of corona that we could welcome all graduates again at Maastricht University… no Zoom sessions this time, but a warm, sunny and inviting campus and five graduation candidates happy to be on site together: Aylin Beydemir (KPMG), Flora Oudeboon (Unilever), Casper Helder (Linx Telecommunications Holding), Pim van der Linden (Deloitte) and Mark Melis (Koole Terminals) did their very best to present their thesis and to answer all questions from the board.

The thesis topics related to the courses Finance, M&A, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. The board chaired by Prof. Dr. Alexander Brüggen consisted of Jos de Visser RC, iEMFC Supervisory Board member, and two thesis supervisors: Dr. Jeroen Derwall and Dr. Thomas Post.

The day ended with good grades, meaning that these students successfully concluded their assessment and were allowed to end this workshop with a glass of champagne! On behalf of the iEMFC team, our sincere congratulations to you all!